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The Euro Dispatch service was established with the aim of simplifying the delivery of application documents for prospective students to universities and institutions in Europe and the EU. Many application processes for programs require hard copies of documents to be sent to the universities or institutes being applied to. If you plan to study in Europe or other EU states, we strongly recommend applying to multiple universities to increase your chances of admission. Starting your application early and meeting all deadlines is crucial

However, sending application documents to multiple locations within Europe and the EU during one application period can be expensive, especially if you need to use express courier services to meet the deadlines. That's where Euro Dispatch comes in. Our service can help you save over 50% on delivery costs while ensuring that your documents are delivered on time. We provide estimated courier prices for your location and show you how much you can save. Apply to multiple universities with ease and cost-effectiveness using Euro Dispatch!

How to send application documents

To make use of our Euro Dispatch service, please create a list of all the schools to which you wish to send your documents, along with their respective addresses. Include the full names of the receivers, departments (if applicable), active telephone or mobile numbers, and email addresses. Our Euro Dispatch software will then calculate the cost of each location if you were to send them individually, as well as show you the amount you can save by using our service.

If you need assistance or guidance on how to proceed, please feel free to email us at We are more than happy to help. Additionally, you can book a FREE consultation session with us to get expert advice on how to get started. During this session, depending on your requirements, we will walk you through the admission processes, explain how to meet application deadlines and save costs by sending your application documents to Europe and the EU. In most cases, especially when applying via a third-party institute like uni-assist, it is recommended to send in your documents as soon as possible after submitting the online application. It is best if the institute receives your documents at least 8 weeks before the application deadline, to ensure that any missing documents can be sent in on time if needed.

Organising your Application Documents

When applying to multiple universities, it's important to organize your documents properly. Regardless of the number of universities you're applying to, the final package should be in an envelope, with the size varying depending on the number of locations you're sending them to. If you're applying to multiple universities via uni-assist, make sure to send all the requested documents in a single envelope. For other university locations, pack the application documents in separate envelopes with correct addresses and contact details of the respective receivers. Then, enclose all the single envelopes in one large envelope and dispatch it to Destiney Arkaden in Berlin.

Acknowledgment of Booking and Receipt

When utilizing the Euro Dispatch service, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Use, as well as the requirement to provide the documents for dispatch viz:

They must be complete and well-organized

They must still be within the application period.

Each receiver must be addressed correctly.

They must be properly enveloped and separated according to the receivers.

Your package must reach us no later than 5 working days before the application deadline. is not obligated to evaluate or verify the completeness of your documents

Your package must be insured by the courier service you select. Destiney Arkaden will not be held responsible for any loss or destruction of your documents before they reach us.

Destiney Arkaden will only ensure the dispatch of your documents once we receive them in Berlin.


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Stay updated on migration information