Opportunity Pulse: AfroDiasporans

This EduTainment for African Diasporans in Berlin is presented by Setlinn, a social media platform for migration and Kirooto Consults Int’l,, a reputable study and work consultancy firm headquartered in Berlin.

Opportunity Pulse: AfroDiaspora‘ is creating a comprehensive and engaging program that aligns with the Opportunities, Careers, and Networking themes in Germany. The event is aimed at African diasporans in Berlin with at least a secondary school qualification. The venue, Mandingo Discothek & Bar in Berlin, provides an excellent environment with ample space, music, and accessibility.

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List of confirmed guest speakers!

Name Scope Topic Details (location, website, profile)
Herr Jacob Kaufmann Senior Manager, Salesfive (internships, part-time and full-time job opportunities Panel Discussion: “Breaking Barriers: Education and Career Advancement” Salesfive 
Frau Jane Saidi Founder & School Head, International School of Nursing, Berlin (opportunities in well-paid healthcare jobs) Panel Discussion: “Breaking Barriers: Education and Career Advancement” International School of Nursing Berlin
Herr Mathias Bürger Senior Consultant, Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V.  Language | Career Opportunities Showcase Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V. 
Herr Rafael Makonda Founder & Geschäftsführer BeMore Building Confidence and Mastering Networking Skills

Employment/employee connections, job placement, application strategy

Frau Bekamenga, Eleonore

Frau Anita Nambalirwa

Diversity Beraterin, AYEEKO und Vertretterin Schwarzen Menschen und Menschen mit afrikanischer Herkunft beim Landesbeirat Berlin Embracing Opportunities in Germany AYEEKO
Hussein Kelleci Employment/employee connections, job placement, application strategy Career Opportunities Showcase Job Point

Program details: 9th of February, 2–6 PM

Venue: Mandingo Discothek & Bar | Mehringdamm 107, 10965 Berlin

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM: Opening Ceremony

  • Welcome Address & about the organizers (Setlinn x KirootoConsults)
    • Stephen & Michael
  • Overview of the Event
  • Ice-breaking activities

2:30 PM–2:55 PM: Keynote Speech: “Embracing Opportunities in Germany”

  • Speaker: A renowned academic specialising in diaspora matters
    • Frau Bekamenga, Eleonore
  • Focus: Academic and practical aspects of thriving abroad for African diasporans
    • Awareness about positions opened to migrants, especially Africans/Black community
    • Requirements to apply to the positions
    • Offices/resources to locate these opportunities
    • AYEEKO
      • Migrants are welcome to join the family to find jobs and receive assistants
      • Free consultations to find and apply for jobs in Germany
      • Ausbildung placements for students, parents, companies 

3:00 PM–4:50 PM: Panel Discussion: “Breaking Barriers: Education and Career Advancement”

  • Panellists: Successful diasporans, education experts, and career advisors
  • Focus: Navigating the German system: Recognizing & seizing career opportunities; jobs quotas for diasporans, requirements, and who to contact
  • Speakers:
    • Jacob Kaufmann | Jane Saidi | Rep. from AYEKOO (Anita Nambalirwa)
    • Moderator: Stephen Bwete
  • Other points
    • Fear | Language | Networking | Opportunities | Entrepreneurship 

4:00 PM–4:15 PM: Networking Break with Light Entertainment

  • Interactive music and chilled session
  • Networking opportunity with light refreshments

4:15 PM–4:45 PM: Workshop: “Building Confidence and Mastering Networking Skills”

  • Trainer: A motivational speaker and career coach | Role Model in the Diaspora Community
  • Speaker: Rafael Makonda 
  • Moderator: Michael Onwuatuegwu
  • Focus:
    • Using the resources available to us
      • Where to find what (jobs, entrepreneurship, starting a company)
    • Preparing yourself to land the job
      • Role-playing, interactive exercises, practical tips, negotiating, etc

4:50 PM–5:00 PM: Series of Quick Talks: “Spotlight on Success Stories”

  • Multiple speakers: Diasporans sharing their success stories
  • Format: 5-minute talks focusing on educational and career achievements

5:00 PM–5:30 PM: 2nd panel discussion: Language | Career Opportunities Showcase

  • Presentations by various companies and organisations
  • Focus: Opportunities and quotas available for diasporans in Germany
  • Moderator: Stephen Bwete
  • Speakers:
    • Mathias Bürger
    • Hussein Kelleci

5:10 PM–6:00 PM: Closing Remarks and Call to Action

  • Summary of the day’s learnings
  • Encouragement to apply the knowledge and network gained

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